Seasonal changes can be tough on your vehicle, and with winter right around the corner, it’s time to get in to the Stanley Chevrolet, Inc. Service Center for a winter inspection and tune-up. So now is a good time to have your vehicle checked, especially if you haven’t had one for a while, to avoid problems down the line. Browse our winter service specials to keep your vehicle in top shape this winter.


Our Chevrolet Service Center will perform a thorough inspection to make sure your vehicle keeps running great and is ready for winter driving.

We’ll check your engine oil and windshield washer fluid: Not only may your oil be low, but in the wintertime, you may want a lighter-weight oil so your car performs well in the colder weather (remember, it can get colder than expected at night). We’ll also check your washer fluid to make sure that’s topped up.

Antifreeze is also very important when the weather gets colder and wetter.
The proper mix of engine coolant, filled to the correct level is one good way to protect your engine.

Car batteries get weaker in colder weather: Your vehicle’s battery really takes a hit during cold weather. Whether you need a new battery or it’s time to replace your cables and terminals, we’ll make sure your battery is fully charged and working properly. We’ll also check your belts and hoses so you have no unexpected breakdowns.

Windshield wiper blades:
Don’t forget to check your wiper blades and replace them as needed. Even premium wiper blades may need to be changed every six months. When you start to see streaks, or areas your wiper blades are missing, it’s time to change them.

Winter or All-Season Tires: We will always make sure you have the correct tire pressure (this makes your car handle better and increases your tire life, so saves you money), and if your tread is getting low, we can recommend new tires at the right price. Your safety and the safety of your family depends, to a large extent, on the condition of your tires. Let us check your tire pressure and tread so you can drive safely all year around.

Brakes: While cold weather doesn’t affect your braking power, ice and snow do. We can check to make sure your brakes are in top shape for safe driving.

Spark plugs, belts and hoses:
You always want to make sure your spark plugs are firing, and cold weather can make belts and hoses more brittle and susceptible to breakage.

Rear-window defroster:
For best visibility always make sure your rear window defroster is working properly. Several states have laws requiring your vehicle’s windows must be free of condensation and debris.

Last but not least, prepare or update your Winter Emergency Kit: Especially if you’re going on a longer trip this winter, carry extra motor oil, anti-freeze and windshield wiper fluid. Check your flashlight batteries and replace them if you even suspect they’re low. Keep flares and a blanket for emergencies. If you don’t already have jumper cables, now’s a good time to buy them. And make sure you have a first aid kit.

Stanley Chevrolet, Inc. cares about your safety. Contact us today for a tune-up so you can drive with confidence all year lon